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Plastics in the EU – Paris Edition

This is a blog I wrote two years ago whilst travelling across Europe on my 7-month long adventure. I thought it was time to dig it out of the archives and share it with you all. So here, you are… Before setting out on my trip, I knew that Europe had commited to quite allContinue reading “Plastics in the EU – Paris Edition”

Ferry or Fly? Travelling Helsinki to Stockholm by Boat

When planning my route from city to city, checking for flights is my last resort. First I check for trains, buses, share cars and ferries. I assumed that all these forms of transport would surely be better than flying. I recently discovered this may not always be the case. Recently Daisy (my sister), Corey (myContinue reading “Ferry or Fly? Travelling Helsinki to Stockholm by Boat”

5 Resolutions for a Sustainable 2020

1. Improve your knowledgeThink media not social media. Start with books, scientific journals, news (from reliable sources) & magazines. One of the hardest parts about the fight against climate change is answering those hard-hitting questions from deniers. The best thing to do is arm yourself…with knowledge. Here’s a list of authors, books, journals and magazines/newspapersContinue reading “5 Resolutions for a Sustainable 2020”

The Jazz Bar (Krakow)

The streets of Krakow are mesmerising, especially at Christmas time when twinkling blue lights are draped between stone buildings and horse-drawn carriages roam the streets. But, after sundown in mid-December these streets can be treacherous for the un-acclimatised Australian. Corey and I weren’t yet ready for bed, so we wondered the streets in search ofContinue reading “The Jazz Bar (Krakow)”

Beautiful Turkey, Troublesome Tourists

Imagine you have waited in line for 30 minutes to get inside one of the most magnificent buildings in the world: the Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul’s city centre. You’re inside. What’s your first move? For us, our first move was… not to move. We just stood, necks craned upwards and mouths agape, like hungry fishContinue reading “Beautiful Turkey, Troublesome Tourists”

Planes, Trains and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Before we left for out 6 months European adventure I made the decision that I would try everything possible not to take any planes whilst in Europe. We flew from Sydney to Paris (we had neither the time nor the money for the 40 day, $8000 freight journey across the ocean), but I wanted toContinue reading “Planes, Trains and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint”

Albania Part 2: hiking the Valbone Pass

There are certain moments when you truly understand the meaning of the words ‘mesmerising’, ‘breathtaking’ and ‘incredible’. For a while, as you float through, they are used fleetingly; in writing they become a cliche, almost too overused to write. But, every now and then you experience the meaning; you feel that definition somewhere within andContinue reading “Albania Part 2: hiking the Valbone Pass”

Travelling Albania Part 1: People and houses

Although Albania is a small country, I have managed to write pages and pages about it. So, I’ve had to split them into a series of short blogs. This is part 1 of 2 (so far). People Firstly I have to talk about the Albanian people. Their hospitality, kindness, friendliness and smiles are almost unparalleledContinue reading “Travelling Albania Part 1: People and houses”

A Brief History of Albania: Part 1

Albania’s history is probably the most confusing of any country I’ve ever visited, but, for this reason I find it the most fascinating. From the 6th Century until 1992 the country never really experienced true freedom. Putting this into perspective, Albania only opened up its borders to trade 27 years ago.  A hostel owner inContinue reading “A Brief History of Albania: Part 1”

Friendly Strangers on Samos Island

We sat down for another giant gyros on the streets of Pythegoreio, Samos Island, Greece. Street cats weaved in-between our legs whilst we sipped on local wine and devoured the juicy wraps. The couple next to us dangled a piece of meat in front of one of the cats. The brown and white-patched beauty clawedContinue reading “Friendly Strangers on Samos Island”

Plastic Paris

Once you change to a plastic-free mind-set its hard to go back – it’s like staring out of the same window-frame for the rest of your life, except this window frame highlights in bright colour any plastic in your view. You’re senses for plastic become heightened, you’re like a sniffer dog with an eye forContinue reading “Plastic Paris”

The Selkies of Iceland

We drove along just as the sun was beginning to creep up from the snow-capped mountains. I checked my watch: 11:02AM. I couldn’t help but laugh, how could the sun be rising at 11AM? I am from almost as far South as you can get on this planet (Australia) and I was now the furthestContinue reading “The Selkies of Iceland”

Sleepy Barcelona

My phone says its 35 degrees but the sweat dripping through my hair, down my forehead and accumulating beneath my 20kg backpack says otherwise. I’ve just stepped off the air-conditioned train into the haze of Barcelona. Steam rises from the rooftops of graffiti-covered buildings, from the rubbish littered footpaths and from cigarettes tucked under whiteContinue reading “Sleepy Barcelona”