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COVID-19 vs the Climate Emergency: why act on one and not the other?

Part 1 This week I wanted to write something that delved a little more into the differences between Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the climate emergency, as (potentially) two of the biggest health threats of the 21st Century. This first blog will be part of a 4-part blog series that I’ll be releasing all week! So you …

Update: Who’s Involved with Adani?

You may have seen the headline of the recent Guardian article: ‘Greyhound cuts ties with Adani mine after backlash from climate activists’ and thought ‘Hooray!’ So which ties, exactly, have been severed? Originally Greyhound signed a 3-month contract with Adani, with possibility of extension. What has been severed is this ‘possibility of extension‘. So, the …

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