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5 Resolutions for a Sustainable 2020

1. Improve your knowledgeThink media not social media. Start with books, scientific journals, news (from reliable sources) & magazines. One of the hardest parts about the fight against climate change is answering those hard-hitting questions from deniers. The best thing to do is arm yourself…with knowledge. Here’s a list of authors, books, journals and magazines/newspapersContinue reading “5 Resolutions for a Sustainable 2020”

7 Ways to make your Halloween Spookily Sustainable

Halloween is probably one of my favourite holidays but as I’m trying to live more sustainably, it’s been hard to think how I can enjoy the season without increasing my ecological footprint. Is it possible to have a zero-waste Halloween? Yes! 1. Costumes ‘Fast fashion’ is an infamous industry and Halloween is probably one ofContinue reading “7 Ways to make your Halloween Spookily Sustainable”