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The Selkies of Iceland

We drove along just as the sun was beginning to creep up from the snow-capped mountains. I checked my watch: 11:02AM. I couldn’t help but laugh, how could the sun be rising at 11AM? I am from almost as far South as you can get on this planet (Australia) and I was now the furthestContinue reading “The Selkies of Iceland”

Thailand’s Coral Reefs

‘Thailand closes dive sites over coral bleaching crisis’[1] ‘Repeated coral bleaching…Thailand’[2] ‘In 2015…temperatures were 2 degrees above normal’[3] ‘only 5% of Thailand’s coral reefs were in good conditions…80% in damaged conditions, mainly due to the bleaching event in 2010.’[4] ‘The 2010 bleaching event was the most severe, affecting 80% of coral reefs in…’[5] ‘In AprilContinue reading “Thailand’s Coral Reefs”