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Plastics in the EU – Paris Edition

This is a blog I wrote two years ago whilst travelling across Europe on my 7-month long adventure. I thought it was time to dig it out of the archives and share it with you all. So here, you are… Before setting out on my trip, I knew that Europe had commited to quite allContinue reading “Plastics in the EU – Paris Edition”

Dolphin Dude’s Life Update – I’m Back!

Tonight I suddenly felt compelled to write – something I haven’t had the time/inspiration to do in ~6mths and so I thought ‘carpe diem’, sieze the moment, ride the wave of inspiration and dive back into posting. So, here I am, almost half a year later. Here we all are, half a year later. AndContinue reading “Dolphin Dude’s Life Update – I’m Back!”

Part 4: COVID-19 and the Economy

Welcome to the 4th and final chapter of our debate and thank you for sticking around until the end! Quick recap: I’m discussing the differences between action taken on the Coronavirus epidemic and action taken (or not taken) on the climate emergency. So far we’ve looked at (1) the imminent fear of death, (2) howContinue reading “Part 4: COVID-19 and the Economy”

Part 3: the media in crisis situations

To bring you up to date, we’re discussing the world’s response to Coronavirus vs the response to the climate emergency. In the previous two posts we discussed the imminent fear of death (Part 1) and how ‘current’ each of the threats were (Part 2). Now for my favourite part in the debate, Part 3: TheContinue reading “Part 3: the media in crisis situations”

COVID-19 vs the Climate Emergency: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 (of 4) of the debate between COVID-19 and the climate emergency. If you missed Part 1, go back and read it before you begin. Let’s have a quick recap: I’m comparing the way the world has responded to COVID-19 vs the climate emergency. While the debate over climate change has continuedContinue reading “COVID-19 vs the Climate Emergency: Part 2”

COVID-19 vs the Climate Emergency: why act on one and not the other?

Part 1 This week I wanted to write something that delved a little more into the differences between Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the climate emergency, as (potentially) two of the biggest health threats of the 21st Century. This first blog will be part of a 4-part blog series that I’ll be releasing all week! So youContinue reading “COVID-19 vs the Climate Emergency: why act on one and not the other?”

How is the COVID-19 outbreak affecting air pollution?

Scrolling through my newsfeed, every second post pays some reference to the Coronavirus outbreak, whether it be a meme, a media scare, or an article. It seemed only fitting to get amongst the action and write about it too. COVID-19 has spread globally, and fast. The death toll in Italy has just cracked the thousands,Continue reading “How is the COVID-19 outbreak affecting air pollution?”

Update: Who’s Involved with Adani?

You may have seen the headline of the recent Guardian article: ‘Greyhound cuts ties with Adani mine after backlash from climate activists’ and thought ‘Hooray!’ So which ties, exactly, have been severed? Originally Greyhound signed a 3-month contract with Adani, with possibility of extension. What has been severed is this ‘possibility of extension‘. So, theContinue reading “Update: Who’s Involved with Adani?”

Greyhound Throws Our Climate Under the Bus

Skimming through my newsfeed this week I noticed a stream of posts involving ‘Greyhound’ and ‘Adani’. So, what’s the story behind them all? I was just about to publish my next blog: ‘A Guide to Not Flying (Australia)’, which featured a large section on sustainable bus, train and hire-care companies in Australia, with a hugeContinue reading “Greyhound Throws Our Climate Under the Bus”

7 Amazing Things to Make out of Your Kitchen Scraps

Hi this is Daisy, Bella’s sister! In this post we wanted to move away from the commonly known examples of using scraps (such as composting and making stocks), and talk about some really fun recipes that I have compiled over the past few years. Here’s the shortlist and keep reading for more details. Vitamin CContinue reading “7 Amazing Things to Make out of Your Kitchen Scraps”

Ferry or Fly? Travelling Helsinki to Stockholm by Boat

When planning my route from city to city, checking for flights is my last resort. First I check for trains, buses, share cars and ferries. I assumed that all these forms of transport would surely be better than flying. I recently discovered this may not always be the case. Recently Daisy (my sister), Corey (myContinue reading “Ferry or Fly? Travelling Helsinki to Stockholm by Boat”

5 Resolutions for a Sustainable 2020

1. Improve your knowledgeThink media not social media. Start with books, scientific journals, news (from reliable sources) & magazines. One of the hardest parts about the fight against climate change is answering those hard-hitting questions from deniers. The best thing to do is arm yourself…with knowledge. Here’s a list of authors, books, journals and magazines/newspapersContinue reading “5 Resolutions for a Sustainable 2020”

The Jazz Bar (Krakow)

The streets of Krakow are mesmerising, especially at Christmas time when twinkling blue lights are draped between stone buildings and horse-drawn carriages roam the streets. But, after sundown in mid-December these streets can be treacherous for the un-acclimatised Australian. Corey and I weren’t yet ready for bed, so we wondered the streets in search ofContinue reading “The Jazz Bar (Krakow)”

Beautiful Turkey, Troublesome Tourists

Imagine you have waited in line for 30 minutes to get inside one of the most magnificent buildings in the world: the Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul’s city centre. You’re inside. What’s your first move? For us, our first move was… not to move. We just stood, necks craned upwards and mouths agape, like hungry fishContinue reading “Beautiful Turkey, Troublesome Tourists”