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Beautiful Turkey, Troublesome Tourists

Imagine you have waited in line for 30 minutes to get inside one of the most magnificent buildings in the world: the Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul’s city centre. You’re inside. What’s your first move? For us, our first move was… not to move. We just stood, necks craned upwards and mouths agape, like hungry fishContinue reading “Beautiful Turkey, Troublesome Tourists”

Planes, Trains and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Before we left for out 6 months European adventure I made the decision that I would try everything possible not to take any planes whilst in Europe. We flew from Sydney to Paris (we had neither the time nor the money for the 40 day, $8000 freight journey across the ocean), but I wanted toContinue reading “Planes, Trains and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint”